Frequently Asked Questions

Why South Asians? Why Us?

Incidence of heart disease is 4 times greater in South Asians and 50% of South Asians with heart disease are under the age of 50!

Additionally, every third diabetic person in the world is Indian! Risk of Type 2 Diabetes is four times higher in Indians.

With these statistics, it's no wonder that studies call this the "Twin Epidemic" stating that "Ironically, factors related to South Asian culture including diet, lifestyle, and health beliefs have a significant impact on the risk of developing diabetes and CAD!! In terms of diet, studies suggest that despite half of the South Asians in the world being vegetarian, they still have a higher risk of developing heart disease and/or diabetes. This is due to diet habits more than the diet itself. South Asians tend to not waste food, tend to have a high calorie meal with immense amounts of sugars, saturated fats, and oil. It is a myth that despite being vegetarian,

What can we do?

Follow the health guide and keep these 3 things in mind: (1) Exercise (2) Nutrition (3) Stress Management

What is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is the force or pressure that is exerted by blood pushing against the walls of the blood vessels throughout the body. The heart provides the pump that circulates the blood, forcing the blood through the vessels. During each individual heartbeat, this force moves the blood from the maximum (systolic) pressure to the minimum (diastolic) pressure. The cardiac cycle is this complete series of events within the heartbeat. Click HERE to read more about blood pressure related information.

I have a suggestion for the program. Who can I talk to?

Great! We'd love to hear from you. Please fill out your suggestion on this page.

I cannot log-in to "My Wellness." What can I do?

No worries, click here for a few step-by-step instructions to help you log-in. If it still doesn't work, please contact us here.