About the Challenge...

The JCSC Wellness Challenge is a program that aims to spread awareness of health epidemics prevalent in South Asians in North America. The program strongly encourages a community-wide initiative to change lifestyle choices and eating habits to live a healthier and longer life.

The goal of the Wellness Challenge is to raise awareness of health epidemics by implementing education on lifestyle changes, exercise, and stress management.

The JCSC Wellness website offers plenty of resources to support the participants and health guides in starting and maintaining a health goal.

The 2012 Wellness Committee includes Ashok Savla, Darshna Shah, Debbie Shah, Dr. Dipti Doshi,  Dr. Gunvant Mehta, Jayana Shah, Dr. Hemang Doshi, Kush Shah, Mina Choksi, Manu Shah, Dr. Nitin Shah, Prafulla Shah, Rupaben Shah, Sonal Shah, Virendra Shah, and Yogesh Shah.

Wellness Challenge Goal

500 Participants will have three biometric tests.

Sarva Mangal Family Trust will donate for Wellnesss at JCSC up to:

No Improvement - Up tp $20,000 for expenses

Reduce BMI by 1% - Receive additional donation of $5,000

Reduce BMI by 2% - Receive additional donation of $15,000

Reduce BMI by 3% - Receive additional donation of $30,000

Reduce BMI by 4% - Receive additional donation of $50,000

Reduce BMI by 5% - Receive additional donation of $80,000

Total challenge up to $100,000

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Group Results

2014 Wellness Committee

Ashok Savla - Chair ashok.savla@jcscwellness.org
Dr. Ashish Parekh dr.ashish.parekh@jcscwellness.org
Darshna Shah darshna.shah@jcscwellness.org
Debbie Shah debbie.shah@jcscwellness.org
Dr. Dipti Doshi dr.dipti.doshi@jcscwellness.org
Dr. Gunvant Mehta dr.gunvant.mehta@jcscwellness.org
Jayana Shah jayana.shah@jcscwellness.org
Dr. Hemang Doshi dr.hemang.doshi@jcscwellness.org
Kush Shah kush.shah@jcscwellness.org
Mina Choksi mina.choksi@jcscwellness.org
Manu Shah manu.shah@jcscwellness.org
Dr. Nitin Shah dr.nitin.shah@jcscwellness.org
Prafulla Shah prafulla.shah@jcscwellness.org
Rupaben Shah rupaben.shah@jcscwellness.org
Sonal Shah sonal.shah@jcscwellness.org
Virendra Shah virendra.shah@jcscwellness.org
Yogesh Shah yogesh.shah@jcscwellness.org
Ramesh Parekh ramesh.parekh@jcscwellness.org
Vipul Udani vipul.udani@jcscwellness.org

For questions regarding the website, please contact Tana at leslie.salguero@msistone.com


Healthy Risk Reduction Coach Committee
Mina Choksi - Lead
Dr. Jashwant Modi, Dr. Hemang Doshi, Dr. Dipti Doshi, Dr. Pranav Shah, Dr. Pinal Doshi
Dr. Falguni Doshi, Dr. Malini Shah, Dr. Shishir Shah, Aditi Shah (Dietitian), Jigna Mehta (Dietitian)
Priya Vora (Microbioligist & Pharmacy Tech), Dr. Nimisha Parekh, Indu Jain, Dr. Ashish Shah (Urologist)
Mala Vora, Dr. Hemalatha Parekh, Parul Shah (Fitness Trainer), Mona Gandhi (Microbioligist)

Healthy Jain Cuisine
Sonal Shah - lead
Ashok Savla, Rupaben Shah, Prafulla Shah

Healthy Activities
Debbie Shah - lead
Prafulla Shah

Coordination and Promotion
Yogesh Shah - lead
Ashok Savla, Prafulla Shah

Health Education
Jayana Shah - lead
Darshna Shah, Dr. Dipti Doshi