Take the Sugar-Free Living Challenge

When: May 15th to June 14th 2017
Register by sending an email to sugarfree@jcscwellness.org with the word JOIN in the subject line. Or register by filling out this easy form.
Registration starts Monday, May 1st 2017

Sarva Mangal Family Trust will donate $100 per participant to the Jain Center Wellness Program for those who successfully complete the month long Sugar-Free Living challenge.

Why Sugar-Free Living?

  • Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine!
  • 1.6 Billion adults are overweight (age 15+)
  • Insulin levels 3 times higher than before in the last 20 years
  • Drinking one or two sugary drinks each day increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25%

    Rules of the Sugar-Free One Month Living Challenge?


  • No added sugar (no refined white sugar, brown sugar, raw crystals) in foods and in cooking
  • No artificial sweeteners ( Equal, Sweet- Low, Splenda)
  • No sodas, diet sodas
  • No sugary Drinks- such as juices, vitamin water, flavored drinks
  • No desserts, mithai’s, ice creams and no Sugar free desserts or mithai’s as well
  • First preference is to avoid adding any sugar or sugar substitute to cooking. If not possible, then stick to amount recommended per day as below:
    Women- 6 tsp (24 Gms) of natural sugar substitute/ day
    Men – 9 tsp (36 gms) of natural sugar substitute / day

  • Use of natural sugar substitute in above suggested amount/day
  • Natural substitutes that are allowed – Jaggery, Stevia, dates, Dried fruits, Fruit puree( unsweetened apple sauce/ banana puree); coconut palm sugar, agave nectar and Pure organic maple syrup.
  • Amount of Substitute to be used in place of Sugar

    Amt of Sugar Jaggery Stevia Maple Syrup Dates Fruit Puree Unsweetened Agave Nectar Coconut Palm Sugar
    1 TBSP 1.5 TBSP 1/4 tsp 3/4 TBSP 2-3 Dates 2 TBSP 3/4 TBSP 1 TBSP
    1 tsp 1.5 tsp Pinch 3/4 tsp 1 Dates 2 tsp 3/4 tsp 1 tsp

  • Homemade flavored infused water
  • Unsweetened ice tea (with stevia)
  • Indian Tea & coffee can be consumed with stevia

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